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Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #3 Cvr A Ba (STL102669)

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #3 Cvr A Ba (STL102669)

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  • Description
    Philippe C. The City wow I have never been so amazed in my life. the mothers of agony seem like dirtball hoodlum scum, so iI was very sceptical when a friend recommended them for psychic advice. their place of business leaves a lot to be desired, in a terrible neighborhood, but its the results that matter and man did they deliver! their psychic seems like he's done a lot of drugs, but as soon as we sat down in their private frankly kind of frightning room, it was like my dead father was right there beside me again! he knew things only my father could know, including the dirt I needed on my sister to lock her out of the trust. if I could give the mothers of agony a 10 star review I would.
  • Details
    Artist: Ba, Gabriel
    Brand Code: MU
    Cover Artist: Ba, Gabriel
    DIAMD NO: OCT180302
    Genre: Super-hero
    Issue: 3
    Page Count: 104
    Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
    Series Code: 140881
    Ship Date: 12/5/2018
    STOCK NO: STL102669
    Writer: Way, Gerard