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Dark Metro Manga Tp Ultimate Ed (STL088086)

Dark Metro Manga Tp Ultimate Ed (STL088086)

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  • Description
    Terror awaits the people of Tokyo, with gruesome lessons only the dead can teach. Anna almost descends to the dark side when she follows the suicidal Rei down an escalator to hell. Seiya pulls her back, but will they make it out of Tokyo's secret metro lines in time to escape Rei and the ghosts who inhabit the Tokyo underground? A waitress at a maid cafe sparks jealousy. A mother who can't handle the responsibility of raising her child commits a horrible crime. An ancient sword awakens a psychotic samurai. And finally, the solemn guide Seiya reveals his own tragic past and the nature of his gifts that are his curse. Older Teen Audiences.
  • Details
    Artist: Yoshiken
    Brand Code: MA
    DIAMD NO: APR192138
    Genre: Horror
    ISBN: 1427859361
    Page Count: 560
    Publisher: Tokyopop
    Series Code: 0
    Ship Date: 5/15/2019
    STOCK NO: STL088086
    Writer: Calen, Tokyo